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At Castaway Cannabis, this “seaweed” isn’t like the old days. That ship has sailed and we are here to provide you the largest variety and best priced cannabis in the New Jersey market. Whether you need all hands on deck to complete a project at home or you’d like to anchor yourself for a relaxing experience, our Castaway Cannabis Crew Members will be along side to help guide the experience you are looking for. Finding a product that suits your needs has never been easier!

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Step 1: Consumption/Delivery Method

  • Inhalation: By activating the cannabis with a heat source, the flower material is inhaled for quick acting effects. The typical onset is within 5-15 minutes of inhalation and can last up to 4 hours.
    • Smoking (flower is combusted and smoke is inhaled)
      • Dry Pipes
      • Water Pipes
      • Rolled (Joints/Blunts)
    • Vaping (flower is heated to the point before combustion occurs and vapor is inhaled)
      • Desktop vaporizers
      • Vape Pens
      • Dab Rigs
  • Oral: By ingesting cannabis infused products or using tinctures sublingually, the cannabinoids are absorbed through either digestive tract or the mucosa (mucus membranes). Onset typically lies between 30 minutes and 3hours. The effects can last as long as 12 hours.
    • Edibles
    • Beverages
    • Tinctures
    • Capsules
  • Topicals: One of the few methods of obtaining relief without consuming cannabis. By applying the product to the skin (no open wounds please!), cannabinoids are absorbed through the skin and provide localized pain relief.
    • Transdermal
    • Salve/Balm

Step 2: Desired Effect

  • Sativa
    • As our crew members say, “Sativa Sunrise” is like a cup of coffee. Sativa cannabis plants have properties of which are elevating and energizing. Not only will this assist you in starting your day and keeping it going, you can also expect increased abilities to focus while reducing your level of pain.
  • Indica
    • “In-Da-Couch” Indica is well known for the relaxing effects of which can also assist with sleep. With indica strains you can expect a body-high and an increased appetite. In addition, these strains can assist with a decrease in nausea.
  • Hybrid
    • Hybrid strains are simply the best of both worlds! With a mix of both indica and sativa, you can expect effects of which will keep you going throughout your day. No need to worry about becoming too focused or too sedated!
  • CBD
    • While CBD is best friends with its counterpart, THC, CBD is known for non-psychoactive effects. CBD typically produces a calming effect and is great for anxiety, relaxation, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 3: Consult your Crew Member Today!

  • Our highly trained Castaway Cannabis Crew Members are ready for the high seas. Regardless of whether you are simply inquisitive about how cannabis can guide your day-to-day activities or you have years of experience, they are dedicated to meet you at your level and understand and recommend products that will leave you boasting about your next experience on deck with our crew!


New Jersey League of Municipalities

Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC)

“New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Mordernization (CREAMM) Act allows for the legal sale and use of cannabis and cannabis products for residents 21 years and older. The newly adopted NJ-CRC rules establish the recreational cannabis industry in the state.”

New Jersey Marijuana Laws

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